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With a team of top corporate lawyers in India, we excel in providing expert guidance and strategic solutions, empowering our clients to thrive in today’s competitive landscape.


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Why Choose Us?

Long-Term Success

We focus on long-term success, considering not only your immediate needs but also your long-term strategic objectives.

Collaborative Partnership

Choose us for a collaborative relationship, where our team works closely with you to understand your goals.

Proactive Risk Management

With our proactive approach we anticipate potential legal risks and challenges, offering strategic advice and guidance.

Client-Centered Approach

Our client-centric approach means that we are dedicated to understanding your unique challenges and objectives, tailoring our legal strategies to suit your specific circumstances.

Services Offered

Corporate Governance

As one of the top corporate law firms in India, we offer comprehensive advisory services on corporate governance. Our team ensures clients meet best practices and regulatory standards, guiding board composition, governance policies and ethical compliance.

Mergers & Acquisitions

We assist clients with complex M&A transactions, from initial due diligence to post-transaction integration. As a corporate law firm in India, our team handles every aspect of the deal, including negotiation, documentation, regulatory compliance and risk assessment.

Contract Drafting

As one of the top corporate law firms in India, we specialize in drafting, reviewing and negotiating a wide range of commercial contracts to protect our client’s interests. From joint venture contracts and licensing agreements to distribution agreements, we ensure that contracts are drafted accurately.

Litigation Representation

We represent clients in litigation and dispute resolution proceedings to resolve conflicts efficiently and protect our client’s rights and interests. Whether it's contract disputes, shareholder disputes or corporate governance disputes, our litigators are dedicated to achieving favourable outcomes.

Regulatory Compliance

As a corporate law firm in India, we provide proactive guidance and support to ensure that our clients comply with regulatory requirements governing corporate operations, including corporate laws, securities regulations and consumer protection laws.

IP Protection

We protect our client's intellectual property rights, including trademarks, copyrights, patents and trade secrets. We assist clients with registration, enforcement and licensing to safeguard their intellectual assets and prevent their unauthorised use or infringement.

Due Diligence

We conduct thorough due diligence reviews and risk assessments for clients involved in corporate transactions. Our team identifies and evaluates potential legal, financial and operational risks, to support informed decision-making and mitigate risks effectively.

Joint Ventures

Amongst top corporate law firms in India, we provide strategic advice and legal support to clients seeking to enter into joint ventures. We assist in negotiating and structuring partnerships, drafting joint venture agreements, and ensuring compliance with relevant regulations.

Our Team

Work Highlights

As the best corporate law firms in India, we played a pivotal role in facilitating the successful merger of a US Based Tech Company with and Indian Tech Startup We handled all legal aspects of the transaction, including conducting thorough due diligence, negotiating favourable terms, and drafting a merger agreement that protected our client's interests.

We provided legal support to a pharmaceutical startup in safeguarding their intellectual property rights. Our team of the best corporate lawyers in India helped them secure patents and trademarks for their innovative products and technologies, enabling them to establish a strong market presence.

Our firm known as a corporate law firm in India, represented a manufacturing company in a high-stakes commercial dispute. Leveraging our expertise in commercial litigation, we negotiated on behalf of our client, resulting in a favorable settlement.

Client Testimonials


Choose A Agarwalla & Co. as your corporate law firm in India for our unparalleled expertise and commitment to excellence. With a team of experienced lawyers specializing in corporate and commercial law, we offer tailored solutions to meet your specific needs and objectives. Our firm’s industry knowledge, strategic guidance and dedication to client satisfaction ensure that you receive top-notch legal representation and support to achieve your business goals effectively.

A Agarwalla & Co. as the best corporate law firm in India specializes in a wide range of corporate and commercial matters, including mergers and acquisitions, contract drafting and negotiation, intellectual property rights protection, joint ventures, dispute resolution and litigation, licensing and regulatory compliance, as well as due diligence and risk assessment. Our firm provides comprehensive legal services tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses operating in various industries, ensuring effective legal solutions that support their growth and success.

A Agarwalla & Co., amongst the top commercial law firms in India, offers tailored legal support to both startups and established businesses, providing strategic guidance and comprehensive services to address their specific needs. For startups, we offer assistance with business formation, intellectual property protection, contract drafting, and regulatory compliance, helping them navigate the legal landscape as they launch and grow their ventures. For established businesses, we provide support in areas such as mergers and acquisitions, corporate governance, commercial litigation, and regulatory compliance, helping them achieve their strategic goals and overcome legal challenges effectively.

Engaging A Agarwalla & Co. for corporate and commercial legal advice is a straightforward process. Clients can initiate the engagement by scheduling a consultation with our experienced legal team. During this meeting, we will discuss the specific legal issues or challenges faced by the client, as well as their objectives and expectations. Based on this information, we will propose a customised legal strategy and outline the scope of services to be provided.

A Agarwalla & Co., amongst the top commercial law firms in India, supports companies in regulatory compliance and governance by providing comprehensive legal guidance and assistance tailored to their specific needs. Our firm offers expert advice on navigating complex regulatory frameworks and ensuring compliance with corporate laws, securities regulations, and other regulatory requirements. We assist companies in developing robust corporate governance policies and procedures, conducting internal audits, and implementing compliance programs to promote transparency, accountability and ethical conduct within the organisation. 

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