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A Agarwalla & Co. is a premier law firm in India exclusively dedicated to serving the Non-Resident Indian (NRI) community, offering them NRI Legal Services in Delhi and other parts. Our firm has been a beacon of excellence, offering proactive, responsive and hassle-free NRI Legal services to overseas Indians. We understand the unique challenges faced by NRIs, especially their inability to frequently travel to India to oversee their legal matters. Our firm has been designed to cater to clients effectively from a distance, using state-of-the-art communication systems, methodical reviews and a structured approach that we’ve perfected over the years. Our comprehensive assessment and meticulous review processes have earned us a stellar 99% success rate in resolving matters.

Legal Help for NRIs: Comprehensive Support

Distinctively setting ourselves apart, we pride ourselves on the unmatched quality of our services and legal advice. Our cadre of razor-sharp legal experts, dedicated to the NRI community have encountered and adeptly managed nearly every conceivable situation an NRI might face in India. As a testament to our expansive reach and commitment, our network consists of over 200 top-tier lawyers spread across the country. Rooted in a rich legacy, our firm’s strength lies in our exceptional services, unwavering goodwill and the unparalleled dedication of our professionals. After addressing a range of NRI legal needs, we have started providing comprehensive legal assistance for NRIs.

NRI Legal Services

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Driven by an unwavering commitment to excellence, industry knowledge

Succession Certificate
Developer Claims
Banking/Finance Matters
NCLT Matters
Real Estate Service
Landlord Tenant Dispute
Corporate Service Advisory
Transfer of Property
Partition of Property
Tax Matters
Guiding businesses through the complexities of corporate and commercial law, A Agarwalla & Co. is dedicated to providing comprehensive legal solutions tailored to your success.

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    NRI Legal Services


    At A Agarwalla & Co., we offer a comprehensive suite tailored for NRIs, ranging from property acquisition and dispute resolution to inheritance planning, financial consultancy and much more. Recognizing the unique challenges faced by NRIs, our services are designed to provide seamless and effective legal support irrespective of your geographical location.

    NRI Property Management: Preserving Your Assets

    With the help of effective NRI property management strategies, we ensure the value of your properties.

    Understanding the constraints of our NRI clientele, we’ve incorporated state-of-the-art communication systems to ensure you’re always in the loop. Our structured approach includes methodical reviews, regular updates and digital consultations, ensuring you feel involved without the need for frequent travel.

    Our team comprises over 200 legal experts who have been dedicatedly serving the NRI community for over two decades. They have encountered and adeptly managed nearly every conceivable situation an NRI might face in India. With a 99% success rate, you can trust our seasoned professionals to handle your legal matters with unparalleled expertise.

    NRI Land Disputes: Understanding the Challenges

    • Common Issues Faced by NRIs in Land Disputes
    • Legal Solutions for NRI Land Ownership Disputes

    Absolutely! Our team is well-versed in guiding NRIs through the intricacies of investments in India. From business setups to compliance with RBI regulations and repatriation of funds, we ensure that your investment journey in India is smooth and compliant with all legal requisites.

    NRI Property Disputes: Protecting Your Investments

    • Safeguarding NRI Property Rights in India
    • Legal Recourse for NRI Property Disputes

    Yes, our network of top-tier lawyers spans the vast expanse of India. With our growing tribe of legal experts located in key regions across the country, we ensure that your legal matters are addressed promptly, no matter where they arise.

    NRI Property Lawyers: Your Advocates in India

    A Agarwalla & Co. has been advocating for NRIs in property disputes for decades. Our team of experienced NRI property lawyers is available 24 hours at your service.

    Litigation & Dispute Resolution

    Our Expertise in NRI Legal Services

    At A Agarwalla & Co., our mastery in NRI Legal Services is not just a reflection of our years in the field, but of the multifaceted cases we’ve adeptly navigated. From resolving intricate property disputes and ensuring seamless inheritance transitions to offering sage financial advice and handling complex civil litigations, our expansive team of over 200 legal experts has addressed almost every conceivable legal scenario an NRI might face in India. It’s this breadth of experience and our unparalleled 99% success rate that makes our expertise in NRI Legal Services truly exceptional.

    Resolving Land and Property Disputes

    • Expert Assistance for NRIs in Legal Matters
    • Navigating NRI Land and Property Disputes

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