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A Agarwalla & Co. is a reputed law firm in Delhi, excelling in GST & Customs practice. With an emphasis on Goods and Services Tax (GST) and related customs laws, our team of seasoned lawyers provides comprehensive legal solutions to businesses, individuals and entities engaged in various commercial activities. We steer clients through the multifaceted landscape of GST, customs duties, import/export laws and other related matters. With a proven track record in GST and Customs laws, our lawyers offer precise and timely legal services.

Harnessing years of specialized experience, we have assisted diverse clients ranging from multinational corporations to domestic traders in numerous sectors. Our deep insights and focused expertise enable us to craft tailor-made legal advice and innovative strategies to meet the particular needs of each client. Whether navigating GST compliance, advising on customs regulations or representing clients in complex litigations, our dedicated GST & Customs lawyers are committed to delivering unparalleled legal support.

Services offered

Driven by an unwavering commitment to excellence, industry knowledge

GST registration, compliance and advisory
Customs clearance, tariff classification and duty assessment
Import and export law compliance
Indirect tax planning and litigation
Representation in GST appeals and disputes
Cross-border trade and Anti-dumping consultations
Assistance in availing of Input Tax Credit
Advisory on Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) and Preferential Trade Agreements (PTAs)
Compliance with e-way bills and other transportation-related regulations
Valuation and classification under Customs law
Guiding businesses through the complexities of corporate and commercial law, A Agarwalla & Co. is dedicated to providing comprehensive legal solutions tailored to your success.


A Agarwalla & Co. assisted a leading Delhi-based importer in navigating customs laws and ensuring proper classification and valuation of goods. Our skilled customs lawyers ensured that the client adhered to all legal requirements.

We worked with a prominent manufacturing company to achieve comprehensive GST compliance. Our GST experts reviewed the client’s transactions and processes, offering in-depth analysis and strategic planning.

Our firm represented a well-known exporter in complex customs litigation. Our talented team of customs lawyers provided robust representation, resulting in a favorable outcome.


Our GST lawyers in Delhi specialize in guiding clients through the process of availing of Input Tax Credit (ITC), ensuring proper understanding and compliance with related legal provisions, thereby maximizing benefits.

Absolutely! Our firm is well-equipped with seasoned lawyers who have extensive experience in representing clients in GST appeals and disputes. We strive to protect client interests and achieve just resolutions.

  • Our customs lawyers are proficient in handling customs clearance and tariff classification matters. We offer thorough guidance, from understanding duties to complying with legal requirements, ensuring smooth clearance and adherence to laws.

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