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A Agarwalla & Co. is a reputable full-service law firm specializing in Labour & Employment practice in Delhi. With extensive industry experience and a team of skilled employment lawyers in Delhi, we provide comprehensive legal solutions to both employers and employees. Our firm is dedicated to ensuring fair and compliant workplaces while protecting the rights and interests of our clients. With expertise in labour law, employment contracts, workplace harassment and more, we deliver exceptional legal services with professionalism, efficiency and a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced in the dynamic field of labour and employment law.

At A Agarwalla & Co., we have had the privilege of representing a diverse range of clients, including individuals, small and medium-sized businesses, corporations and organizations across various sectors. Our industry experience and sector expertise enable us to offer specialized legal advice and strategic solutions that address the specific needs of our clients. Whether it's advising on employment contracts, handling workplace harassment cases, negotiating settlements or representing clients in employment litigation, our team of experienced employment lawyers is committed to providing top-notch legal representation and guidance.

Services offered

Driven by an unwavering commitment to excellence, industry knowledge

Employment contract drafting and negotiation
Workplace harassment prevention and response
Employee handbook and policy development
Labour dispute resolution and litigation
Employment termination and severance matters
Employment-related immigration issues
Non-competition and non-disclosure agreements
Compliance with labour laws and regulations
Employment audits and due diligence
Training programs on employment law and workplace compliance
Guiding businesses through the complexities of corporate and commercial law, A Agarwalla & Co. is dedicated to providing comprehensive legal solutions tailored to your success.


A Agarwalla & Co. advised a Fintech Company in drafting employment contracts and implementing policies to ensure compliance with labour laws. Our employment lawyers in Delhi helped the client navigate complex employment regulations, protecting both the company's interests and employee rights.

We successfully represented a Fintech Company in a workplace harassment case, guiding them through the process of addressing the complaint, conducting an investigation, and implementing appropriate measures to create a safe and respectful work environment.

Our firm provided legal counsel to a Local Manufacturing Company in a labour dispute, achieving a favourable settlement through negotiation and alternative dispute resolution techniques. Our labour lawyers in Delhi ensured the client's rights were protected while minimizing potential disruptions to their operations.


Our employment lawyers have extensive experience in handling workplace harassment cases. We provide guidance on prevention strategies, assist in conducting investigations, and represent clients in resolving harassment complaints. Our goal is to create safe and respectful work environments while protecting our clients’ interests.

Absolutely! Our firm assists clients in ensuring compliance with labour laws and regulations. We offer legal counsel on employment contracts, policies, and practices to align with the relevant legislation. We conduct employment audits and due diligence to identify any gaps and provide recommendations for compliance.

Our employment lawyers provide guidance on employment termination and severance matters, ensuring compliance with legal requirements while protecting our clients’ interests. We assist in negotiating and drafting severance agreements, addressing issues such as notice periods, entitlements, and non-compete clauses.

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