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A Agarwalla & Co. is a reputable full-service law firm specializing in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) practice in Delhi. With extensive industry experience and a team of skilled FDI lawyers in Delhi, we provide comprehensive legal solutions to domestic and international clients seeking to navigate the complex landscape of cross-border transactions and foreign investments. Our firm is dedicated to facilitating successful FDI ventures while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and protecting the interests of our clients. With expertise in FDI law, cross-border transactions and foreign investment regulations, we deliver exceptional legal services with professionalism, efficiency and a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced in the dynamic field of international investment.

At A Agarwalla & Co., we have had the privilege of representing a diverse range of clients, including multinational corporations, foreign investors, domestic businesses and entrepreneurs across various sectors. Our industry experience and sector expertise enables us to offer specialized legal advice and strategic solutions that address the specific needs of our clients. Whether it's advising on cross-border transactions, navigating foreign investment regulations, conducting due diligence or assisting with regulatory compliance, our team of experienced FDI lawyers is committed to providing top-notch legal representation and guidance.

Services offered

Driven by an unwavering commitment to excellence, industry knowledge

Legal advisory on foreign investment regulations
Structuring cross-border transactions
Due diligence for FDI ventures
Drafting and negotiation of international contracts
Regulatory compliance for foreign investors
Investment structuring and financing
Assistance with government approvals and permits
Cross-border mergers and acquisitions
Exit strategies for foreign investors
Dispute resolution for FDI-related issues
Guiding businesses through the complexities of corporate and commercial law, A Agarwalla & Co. is dedicated to providing comprehensive legal solutions tailored to your success.


A Agarwalla & Co. provided legal advisory services to an e-commerce startup in structuring a cross-border acquisition. Our FDI lawyers in Delhi guided the client through the regulatory requirements, conducted due diligence, and assisted in drafting and negotiating the acquisition agreement to ensure a successful transaction.

We assisted a couple of Foreign Investors in navigating foreign investment regulations and obtaining necessary government approvals for their investment in a domestic startup. Our foreign investment lawyers in Delhi ensured compliance and facilitated a smooth investment process for the client.

Our firm represented several Startups in a dispute arising from a cross-border joint venture. Leveraging our expertise in international dispute resolution, our FDI lawyers skillfully negotiated a favourable settlement that protected our client's investment and business interests.


Our FDI lawyers have extensive knowledge and experience in foreign investment regulations. We provide comprehensive legal advisory services, guiding clients through the regulatory landscape, ensuring compliance, and assisting in obtaining necessary government approvals for their foreign investment ventures.

Absolutely. Our firm specializes in structuring cross-border transactions and drafting international contracts. We provide expert guidance on transaction structuring, due diligence, and negotiation of contracts to ensure our clients’ interests are protected in their international business dealings.

Our FDI lawyers are skilled in handling dispute resolution for FDI-related issues. We assist clients in resolving disputes arising from cross-border investments, joint ventures, or international contracts. With our expertise in international dispute resolution mechanisms, we strive to protect our clients’ investments and achieve favourable outcomes.

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