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We specialize in offering legal solutions to Non-Resident Indians and handling a range of legal challenges across jurisdictions.


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Why Choose Us?

Legal Expertise

We offer expert NRI legal help in India, with a deep understanding of the specific legal frameworks and regulations that impact Non-Resident Indians.

NRI Legal Services

The firm is dedicated to providing a full spectrum of legal services tailored for NRIs, including property disputes, inheritance and succession planning.

Case Handling

Acknowledging the geographical and temporal challenges faced by NRIs, A Agarwalla prioritizes efficient case management and streamlined processes.

Integrated Networks

Our well-established network of legal professionals across India, ensures that NRI legal services are delivered with uniform excellence and authority.

Services Offered

Property Dispute Resolution

Offering NRI legal help in India to address complex property disputes, including title claims, boundary disagreements and tenancy issues.

Estate and Succession Planning

We provide estate management and succession planning services, helping NRIs navigate the intricacies of inheritance laws and will execution in India.

Investment and Business Law

Assists NRIs in the legal aspects of investing and setting up businesses in India, guiding regulatory compliance, company formation and business structuring.

Taxation and Compliance

Advising NRIs on the tax implications of overseas earnings, property ownership in India and other fiscal responsibilities through expert NRI Legal services in India.

Family Law Matters

We handle sensitive family law issues such as divorce proceedings, child custody arrangements and matrimonial disputes in India.

Litigation Representation

Offers litigation support in Indian courts for a variety of civil, criminal and commercial matters, ensuring that NRIs receive proficient NRI legal help in India.

Our Team

Work Highlights

We represented our NRI client in a complex property dispute involving multiple parties. Through meticulous legal analysis and strategic negotiations, our firm achieved a favorable settlement that protected the client's interests and secured their rightful ownership of the property.

Our firm provided comprehensive estate planning services to an NRI family seeking to manage their assets and succession across borders. By navigating intricate legal frameworks and tax implications, we developed a tailored estate plan that optimized asset distribution and minimized potential conflicts for future generations.

Our firm has successfully provided title assurance solutions to numerous NRI clients, ensuring the legality and clarity of their property ownership. Through meticulous title investigations and thorough examinations of property records, we have resolved the potential issues involved and secured our client’s investments.

Client Testimonials


Consider choosing our firm for NRI legal services due to our unwavering commitment to providing tailored solutions addressing the unique legal needs of our clients. We offer personalized attention and expert guidance across a spectrum of legal matters, ensuring clarity, efficiency and peace of mind for our clients. Our team combines deep expertise in Indian law with a thorough understanding of the challenges faced by NRIs, enabling us to deliver comprehensive and effective legal solutions.

Our firm specializes in a comprehensive array of NRI legal services uniquely tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. Within the realm of NRI legal services, we offer specialized expertise in diverse areas including property law, succession planning, NCLT matters, real estate services and tax matters. Whether it’s navigating property disputes, facilitating succession planning or representing NRIs in NCLT proceedings, our firm is dedicated to providing comprehensive and effective legal solutions.

Our NRI legal advice and access to specialized expertise across various areas such as property disputes, succession planning, taxation and corporate matters benefit our clients. Our proactive approach minimizes risks, while transparent communication ensures accessibility and peace of mind for clients, empowering them to navigate legal complexities effectively.

NRIs can initiate the process of obtaining our legal services by contacting our firm via our website, email, or phone. Following this initial contact, we promptly schedule a consultation, to discuss the specific legal issues and requirements. During this consultation, our experienced legal team attentively listens to the NRI client’s concerns, gathers relevant information, and provides clear guidance on the next steps. Upon agreement to proceed with our services, we diligently handle all necessary legal proceedings, ensuring transparent communication and proactive representation throughout the entire process.

The timeframe for resolving NRI legal matters with our assistance varies depending on the complexity of the case, the specific legal issues involved and the jurisdiction in which the matter is being addressed. However, our firm is committed to expediting the resolution process and achieving timely outcomes for our NRI clients. We work diligently to assess each case promptly, develop a strategic plan of action and navigate the legal proceedings efficiently. While some matters may be resolved relatively quickly, others may require more time due to factors such as court schedules, the involvement of multiple parties or the need for extensive documentation and evidence gathering.

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