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Specializing in property transactions and disputes, our real estate law firm in India provides legal support through experienced real estate lawyers. Our expertise spans from drafting and negotiating property deals to resolving complex real estate litigation.


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Legal Representation

We are equipped with skilled real estate attorneys who bring extensive expertise in handling complex legal challenges in the real estate sector.

Service Coverage

From transactions to litigation, the firm offers comprehensive legal solutions tailored to meet every aspect of real estate law.

Legal Approaches

Our real estate attorneys develop strategies to manage and resolve client's real estate issues, optimizing the legal and business objectives.

Problem Resolution

The firm's proactive and solution-oriented legal practice ensures efficient resolution of real estate disputes.

Services Offered

Property Transactions

Known amongst the best real estate law firms, we facilitate all phases of property transactions including buying, selling and renting, ensuring all legal requirements are met.

Real Estate Financing

Our real estate attorneys provide legal advice on financing options, including mortgage agreements, loan documentation and structure financing arrangements.

Land Use and Zoning

Advises on land use policies and zoning laws, helping clients obtain necessary approvals and comply with local regulations.

Real Estate Development

Provides legal guidance through the development process from land acquisition to project completion, addressing any legal hurdles that arise.

Dispute Resolution

Our real estate lawyers represent clients in all aspects of dispute resolution on issues including breach of contract, property rights, landlord-tenant disputes and construction defects etc.

Regulatory Compliance

Amongst top real estate law firms, We assist with the navigation of real estate regulations, ensuring that all activities are in compliance with applicable laws.

Our Team

Work Highlights

We provided legal advisory services to local Developers in New Delhi in a major residential project. Our real estate lawyers guided the client through the entire development process, including land acquisition, obtaining necessary approvals, and drafting construction contracts.

We successfully represented a Realty company based out of Kolkata in resolving a complex real estate dispute involving multiple parties. Our real estate attorneys utilized effective negotiation strategies and litigation expertise to protect our client's interests and achieve a favorable outcome.

Our firm assisted a real estate corporation in India in conducting real estate due diligence for a high-value commercial property acquisition. Our meticulous examination of the property's legal aspects and documentation ensured a smooth and secure transaction for our client.

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Choose A Agarwalla & Co. as your real estate law firm in India because we offer tailored legal solutions, backed by extensive industry experience and a commitment to client satisfaction. Our team of skilled real estate lawyers provides comprehensive support across all aspects of real estate law, from property transactions to dispute resolution.


Recognized as the best real estate law firm, we specialize in a wide range of real estate services, including property transactions and conveyancing, land acquisition and development, real estate financing, real estate dispute resolution and litigation and property documentation and registration. Our firm’s expertise covers the full spectrum of legal needs within the real estate industry, providing clients with comprehensive support and tailored solutions to meet their specific requirements and goals.

The initial step in seeking assistance from A Agarwalla & Co. with a real estate matter is to arrange for an initial consultation. This consultation serves as a crucial opportunity for clients to directly engage with our team of experienced real estate lawyers. During this session, clients have the chance to articulate their unique needs, objectives and any challenges they may be facing in their real estate endeavors. Our lawyers listen to their concerns, evaluate the specifics of the matter at hand and offer tailored legal advice and strategies accordingly.

Yes, A Agarwalla & Co. can represent clients in real estate disputes. With a team of experienced real estate lawyers skilled in dispute resolution, including litigation, arbitration, and mediation, our firm is well-equipped to advocate for client’s interests effectively. Whether the dispute involves breach of contract, property rights, landlord-tenant issues or any other real estate-related matter, we provide strategic legal representation aimed at achieving favorable outcomes for our clients.

A Agarwalla & Co. navigates real estate regulations and compliance through a comprehensive approach that combines in-depth knowledge of relevant laws and regulations with proactive strategies tailored to each client’s specific needs. Our experienced team of real estate lawyers stays abreast of the latest developments in regulatory requirements, zoning laws, environmental regulations and other legal frameworks governing the real estate industry.

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