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A Agarwalla & Co. stands at the forefront of legal services tailored for the unique needs of the Non-Resident Indian (NRI) community. Our legacy which is rooted in years of dedication and expertise has led us to be pioneers in the domain of land property title search. Recognizing the manifold challenges faced by overseas Indians, we’ve channeled our resources and skills to ensure every NRI navigates the Indian property landscape with confidence and clarity. Our commitment is not just to offer services but to provide resolutions, making us the first choice for many seeking guidance in the often-tangled realm of Indian property laws and title searches.

Our prowess in the land property title search sector is the culmination of in-depth case handling, thorough research and an unyielding commitment to our clientele. Over the years, we have encountered a spectrum of scenarios, each adding a layer to our already profound understanding of property matters in India. From ancestral land disputes to modern real estate complexities, our hands-on experience has solidified our position as the go-to experts for NRIs seeking property title solutions in India.

NRI Legal Services

Services Offered

  1. Comprehensive land property title search for agricultural, residential, and commercial properties.
  2. Physical verification of properties and on-ground status assessment.
  3. Procurement of certified copies of the latest title records.
  4. Translation of vernacular property documents for clearer understanding.
  5. Assistance in challenging illegal transfers or invalid sales.
  6. Detailed report generation based on title searches, including photographic evidence.
  7. Historical ownership record tracing and validation.
  8. Property valuation and market analysis.
  9. Guidance on property acquisition and inheritance laws.
  10. Legal advice and representation in property disputes.

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    NRI Legal Services
    Land Property Title Search

    Land Property Title Search in India

    A land property title search is an intricate procedure dedicated to establishing the rightful legal ownership of a piece of property in India. This process delves deep into public records, legal documents and historical data to ascertain who holds the legitimate claim to a property, ensuring there are no ambiguities or potential disputes. 

    The process involves:

    1. Retrieval of public records and legal documents related to the property.
    2. Analysis of these records to trace the history of ownership.
    3. Physical verification of the property to assess its current status and occupancy.
    4. Cross-checking with concerned authorities to validate the property’s ownership status.
    5. Compilation of findings into an exhaustive report, offering a comprehensive view of the property’s title status.



    To ensure that their assets in India are secure, free from disputes, and to have an unequivocal understanding of the ownership pattern.

    Yes, our reports delve into both current and historical ownership details to provide a comprehensive understanding.

    Yes, our team conducts on-site inspections to ascertain the property’s current status and occupancy.

    We provide a detailed valuation, ensuring you have a clear understanding of your property’s market worth.

    Absolutely, ancestral properties often require a thorough title search to trace and validate the lineage of ownership.

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