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A Agarwalla & Co. remains committed to serving the diverse needs of the Non-Resident Indian (NRI) community, especially in the intricate areas of succession certificate and legal heirship. Our decades of dedication and proficiency have positioned us as the leading authority in the domain of succession certificates and legal heir certificates. Understanding the complexities and emotional facets of inheritance and succession, we’ve tailored our services to ensure NRIs can smoothly navigate these procedures within the Indian legal framework. Our pledge is not just to offer procedural support but to ensure clarity and closure thus solidifying our position as the preferred choice for those looking to affirm their rightful claims and legacies.

Our expertise in the realm of succession and legal heirship is built on a foundation of rigorous case management, diligent research and an unwavering devotion to our clients. With every case, be it succession of movable assets or claims of rightful heirs, our knowledge deepens and our approach refines. Our vast experience with inheritance laws coupled with our understanding of the NRI perspective makes us the prime consultants for NRIs needing succession and heirship solutions in India.
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Services Offered

  1. Assistance in obtaining a succession certificate for movable and immovable properties.
  2. Guidance and support in securing a legal heir certificate.
  3. Verification of necessary documents and their validation.
  4. Liaison with relevant authorities for smoother processing.
  5. Representation in court to secure the succession certificate.
  6. Advice on the distribution of assets among legal heirs.
  7. Detailed report generation on succession and legal heirship matters.
  8. Guidance on rights of legal heirs as per Indian laws.
  9. Legal advice and representation in inheritance disputes.

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    Succession Certificate in India

    A succession certificate acts as a pivotal document that grants heirs the authority to inherit movable assets of a deceased person when there’s no will. A legal heir certificate, on the other hand, establishes the rightful heirs of the deceased, aiding in claims related to pensions, insurances, and other benefits.

    The process involves:

    1. Filing a petition in the appropriate court to obtain the succession certificate.
    2. Verification of the petitioner’s claim as the rightful heir.
    3. Publishing a notice to ascertain no opposing claims.
    4. Presentation and verification of all necessary documents.
    5. Issuance of the succession certificate by the court.


    Succession Certificate enables NRI’s to assert their right over movable assets of the deceased in India and ensure a seamless transition of these assets.

    While a succession certificate pertains to the inheritance of movable assets, a legal heir certificate establishes the identity of the rightful heirs of the deceased.

    The timeframe can vary based on individual cases and legal complexities but generally ranges from a few months to a year.

    Not always. With the right legal representation, the physical presence of the NRI can often be bypassed.

    Yes, if other potential heirs believe their rights are being overlooked or undermined, they can contest the issuance of the certificate.

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