Arbitration Centre in Delhi

Arbitration serves as a pivotal mechanism in dispute resolution, offering parties a private, efficient and flexible alternative to traditional litigation. It provides a neutral platform where parties can resolve their disputes outside the courtroom, often with greater confidentiality.

A Agarwalla & Co. stands as a notable player in arbitration services, offering an arbitration Centre in Delhi. With a solid reputation for excellence and reliability, we offer a range of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients. From arbitration and mediation to legal consultancy, A Agarwalla & Co. is committed to delivering effective solutions with professionalism and integrity. We stand out as a premier destination for arbitration centers in Delhi, offering 2 arbitration rooms in Delhi tailored to facilitate efficient and fair dispute resolution processes.

About A Agarwalla & Co.’s Arbitration Rooms

A Agarwalla & Co. offers arbitration rooms in Delhi, specifically designed to meet the diverse needs of clients engaged in dispute resolution processes. These arbitration rooms are equipped with modern facilities and amenities to ensure a conducive environment for efficient and fair arbitration proceedings.

Description of the Arbitration Facilities

  1. Our arbitration rooms in Delhi feature modern infrastructure, including comfortable seating arrangements and advanced audiovisual equipment, to facilitate smooth and effective communication during arbitration hearings.
  2. Each room comes with soundproofing and acoustic panels for clear voice clarity.
  3. Each arbitration room is spacious, providing ample room for all parties involved in the dispute, as well as their legal representatives and any necessary support staff.
  4. We understand the importance of technology in modern arbitration proceedings. Therefore, our arbitration rooms are equipped with technology, such as video conferencing facilities and presentation screens to enhance communication and streamline the arbitration process.
  5. We prioritize your comfort and convenience during arbitration proceedings. That’s why we offer complimentary refreshments to ensure a pleasant experience for all participants.
  6. Situated in South Delhi, A Agarwalla & Co.’s arbitration rooms are conveniently located in a prime area, easily accessible from various parts of the city.

Features and Amenities

  • Our arbitration rooms in Delhi are equipped with advanced air purification systems to ensure a clean and healthy environment for all participants.
  • Seamless connectivity is essential for effective communication during arbitration proceedings. Therefore, we provide high-speed Wi-Fi access in the arbitration rooms, enabling participants to access necessary documents, conduct research and communicate with colleagues or clients without interruption.
  • We understand that clients may require additional support during arbitration hearings. Therefore, we offer comprehensive support services, including administrative assistance, document handling and technical support. Our dedicated staff members are available to assist clients with any requirements that may arise during the arbitration process.

Services and Support for Arbitration

For the Premium Arbitration Room

In the Premium Arbitration Room offered by A Agarwalla & Co., clients not only benefit from a spacious environment accommodating up to 16 persons along with 3 arbitrators but also enjoy a range of supportive services tailored to enhance the arbitration experience. With air purification systems ensuring a clean and healthy environment and acoustic panels for echo control, participants can focus on the proceedings without distractions. The session pricing is transparent, with options available for both short and full-day sessions. Additionally, clients are treated to complimentary tea/coffee, cookies, bottled water and Wi-Fi access, along with the use of a projector for presentations. For added convenience, typist assistance and monochrome printing services are available, ensuring that all documentation needs are met seamlessly.

For the Arbitration Room

The Arbitration Room at A Agarwalla & Co. offers a more intimate setting, accommodating up to 8 persons and 3 arbitrators. This arbitration room prioritizes cleanliness with air purification systems. The session pricing is budget-friendly, catering to both short and full-day arbitration sessions. Clients enjoy complimentary beverages, Wi-Fi access, and projector usage for presentations. Additionally, typist assistance and printing services are available, providing support for documentation needs throughout the arbitration process.



Booking and Pricing

To book arbitration room Delhi at A Agarwalla & Co. is a straightforward process. Clients can visit our website or contact us directly at +91 96548 99888 to inquire about room availability and make a reservation.

The pricing structure for arbitration rooms is designed to be transparent and flexible, catering to the varying needs and budgets of clients. The pricing may vary depending on the specific room chosen.

Sessions are typically priced based on the duration of usage, with options available for both short-term and full-day bookings. Clients can choose from various session durations, such as up to 3 hours or a full day (typically 11 hours), with rates clearly outlined to accommodate different scheduling needs. Additionally, clients may incur charges for additional services availed during their arbitration proceedings, such as typist assistance, printing services, catering or technical support.


Choosing A Agarwalla & Co.’s arbitration centre in Delhi offers a lot of benefits tailored to enhance the arbitration experience. From spacious and well-appointed rooms equipped with modern amenities to transparent pricing structures and comprehensive support services, clients can expect nothing short of excellence in every aspect of their dispute-resolution process.

Whether it’s the premium arbitration room catering to larger hearings or the intimate setting of the standard arbitration room, A Agarwalla & Co. offers professional arbitration facilities in Delhi and ensures that every client receives personalized attention and support to facilitate efficient and effective proceedings. You must experience the difference for yourself by making inquiries or booking a room for your next arbitration session, explore how A Agarwalla & Co. arbitration services can meet your needs with professionalism and unwavering commitment to client satisfaction.

Ready to experience seamless Professional arbitration facilities in Delhi? Don’t hesitate to take the next step! Click here to visit A Agarwalla & Co.’s booking page and explore our arbitration centre in Delhi tailored to your needs.

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